Inglaterra Hotel – A journey through time

Inglaterra Hotel – A journey through time

Inglaterra HotelThe Inglaterra Hotel is located in the heart of the Capital of Cuba, due to its proximity to the Gran Teatro de La Habana, the Paseo del Prado and Parque Central is a comfortable place to discover the wonders of the city. Located in Paseo del Prado No. 416 esq. San Rafael, Havana, Cuba, is one of the most classic hotels on the island.

The origins of its construction date back to 1884. At the time when Havana was surrounded by a strong wall that protected it from the attacks of privateers and pirates, a two-storey building known as Escauriza Cafe and Hall was erected. The beginning of what is now the Hotel Inglaterra. It was inaugurated in 1875 and is declared a World Heritage Site and National Monument since 1981.

The Inglaterra Hotel enjoys a combination of architectural styles: the restaurant El Colonial, which is used as a breakfast room, has a neoclassical style, the cafe bar La Sevillana is worked with Seville tiles, decorated with drawings and colors that are completed with carved arches And moldings that look more like Morocco.

Since 1875 it has been one of the most popular hotels in downtown Havana. Among the most famous visitors who stayed there we can mention the Apostle of Cuba, José Martí and the Russian dancer, Anna Pavlova. This hotel was in past times site of gatherings of habaneros. The Café changed its name when in 1863 it was bought by Don Juaquín Payret and this one named Le Louvre, that denomination of French origin was replaced by The Louvre to relate it with the Sidewalk of Louvre and of this form it took its historical sense.

The Grand Café The Louvre, located on the hotel’s outdoor terrace, has received musicians, travelers – passionate about the arts and all kinds of people for more than a century. The Sidewalk of the Louvre was a meeting point between Spaniards and Peninsular, in 1866 there was a confrontation when peninsular merchants offended the memory of a renowned scientist.

The Inglaterra Hotel was leased in 1886 by the captain of the Spanish Army, Don Francisco Villamil, and built the third floor. From that moment on, it became a place of great commendation for its splendor. All the visitors took photos to take them to their countries And at that time was ranked as one of the best hotels in the world.

The Hotel Inglaterra reached its greatest splendor in 1890, at that time the mosaics had been brought from Seville and were decorated in gold. In this hotel it was hosted for almost six months, Major General Antonio Maceo, that stay of the Bronze Titan in this facility, served to enliven the fire of the young people of the Acera of the Louvre, who later incorporated themselves to the independentistas fights .

In that same year the hotel received the English correspondent of The Daily Graphic, Sir Winston Churchill who recounted the details of the war carried out by the Cubans, described the insurgents and was greatly impressed that the machete was the weapon used by the Mambises.

The Inglaterra Hotel of Havana currently maintains its old traditions, carries out its cultural manifestations as they were done in the past. On the second floor of the Louvre, the hotel is linked to the most representative of the plastic artists, writers, personalities and the Concert Band of Havana, through a monthly program where guests, clients and representations of the area participate.

As close as it is to the Historic Center of the City, guests of the Hotel Inglaterra can take a walk around this picturesque site and visit the oldest fortifications, as well as museums, architectural works of great historical and cultural value.

But not only are they going to feel hungry for the cultural and epochal environment, it also has other attractions such as restaurants, bars, hotels, hostels, coffee shops and much more. A pleasant walk can be made since the balconies that protrude from the buildings give them their shade to feel protected from the high temperatures.

The Inglaterra Hotel is the oldest hotel in Havana, it does not have the luxury of modern hotel buildings, but it offers conford, a team of attentive and hospitable employees, a special atmosphere and places guests in front of the history and national culture . To visit it is to remember the past, its struggles, joys and sorrows. It is a journey through time.

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