Playa Jibacoa – A perfect destination for any vacationer

Playa Jibacoa – A perfect destination for any vacationer

Playa JIbacoa

Playa Jibacoa belongs to the so-called Playas del Este. It has a great tourist attraction because of its location by a cove, bordered by the part that gives to the land by heights or sewers. For its exuberant landscape value, which contrasts with the blue of its calm and warm waters, for its tranquility, since it is isolated, is a perfect destination for any vacationer.

Playa Jibacoa or Jibacoa Beach belongs to the municipality Santa Cruz del Norte and near the town of the same name, in the province of Mayabeque.

But not only does this beach offer sun, sand and beautiful nature, for those who enjoy diving, its seabed is protected by the largest barrier of corals in the Western Hemisphere and is also the second in the world and these provide a rich fauna with Fish, mollusks, abundant corals, coral heads and underwater caves. In addition, the steep mountains surrounding the village complete the beauty of the surroundings, so that in their areas they can also ride, climb lifts and fish.

Non-motorized water sports are included, so many tourists choose to take a pedal boat to travel further, is also great for snorkeling. The pool and beach have enough sunbeds and the beach is protected by trees that give it a caressing shade. At the beach bar you can buy drinks and food, so while you drink you can enjoy a rich snack.

For the accommodation it has comfortable hotels near the city of Havana: Hotel Memories Jibacoa (4 stars) and one of the best options, Los Cocos camping, which for the beauty of the place and the amenities it has is chosen by many vacationers To take a rest and to continue trip, the Club Jibacoa Camelón, that is in the beach of Arroyo Bermejo and the Hotel Gran Caribe Villa Loma, that is in the beautiful beach of Jibacoa.

Playa Jibacoa is home to the Electronic Music Festival, the main event of this type in Cuba. The area is occupied by different groups ranging from electronic music to hip hop and rock, all this outdoor show with houses of campaigns, Cuban drinks and the natural environment make manifest an incredible party. There is nightly entertainment in the pool, but if you prefer peace of mind head to the piano bar and there you will spend a few hours of pure romance.

The majority of visitors agree that this is an excellent place that meets all the expectations of the most demanding of customers, has a formidable service, composed of a qualified staff who just wants you to feel happy in your facilities. How to get there? Well, if you are in Havana, you can request a collective transfer at the hotel where you are staying, request a taxi or you can rent a car and enjoy the freedom to manage your time at your whim. Of course, the ideal option would be to stay in the tourist facilities of Playa Jibacoa and thus enjoy more and better of the beauties of this beautiful spa.